The Story of O*A

Founded in 2011 in New York City, Oscar and Anna is an innovator in handbag design, creating bags that are both functional and luxurious for the discerning palette. The company’s mission is to empower both women and men to be fearless in creating their best look, bolstered by accessories and apparel that take the effort out of decision-making.

Classic shapes in premium Italian leathers, Oscar and Anna handbags are the definition of functional luxury. Our handbags add simplicity to life without forsaking style. ‘A bag to become you’—each style is designed to effortlessly take the wearer from day to night, work to play, season to season.

Anna was raised in an artistic environment. As a young girl, she spent hours upon hours drawing—her drafting table set up right beside her mother’s. Her mother sewed and made clothing patterns in addition to creating calligraphy art and gold leaf design pieces. Anna’s father built telescopes, skiffs and designed the family home.

She has always been surrounded by women with a great sense of style, including her Canadian and Greek grandmothers. Anna further evolved her style through opportunities to travel with her family to Western Europe frequently from an early age. She also spent stints of time in Eastern Europe and South East Asia as an adult.

Her immersion in different cultures and artistic upbringing contribute greatly to her design aesthetic and love of fashion.

Anna lives in New York City with her business partner, a Vizsla, Oscar.